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The "Club" with a nice kick!

Location: 1155 S. Washington Ave.


The Rusty Nail Club

Includes: Their original club served with honey ham, smoked turkey, bacon, onion ring, lettuce, tomato & house chipotle mayo.

Side: Fresh Fried Potato Chip

Thoughts: A daring sandwich with stupid flavor. I enjoyed the bite and zing of their house made chipotle mayo which compliments the nice portion of bacon and ham. The addition of the onion ring adds to the crunch you enjoy from the toasted bread and the wild smoked turkey flavor. This folks is a is a thing of beauty. I have my go to sandwich here and the fried potato chips were delicious. Make sure you can finish it all because its good portion size. This is definitely a place with some delicious eats and their drinks are not for the faint of heart.

Service here is on point as this is your neighborhood dive bar with an excellent menu selection. They also have a Sunday Barbecues and offer a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. This is the spot if you that want that true local experience. I love it!

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