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My Biggest "Fish Sandwich" to Date!

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

This place was definitely a winner and worth the hype. Comes as an original or the incredibly sized one pounder. The Wholey Moley is stuffed with one pound of fresh fried cod, on your choice bread. Understand that Wholey's is a Fresh Fish Market first, with a variety of meat selections and grocery items with reasonable pricing. They just happen to serve one of the best fish, that I've ever had. This local favorite just happens to have, a delicious hot food area with fried chicken and fish. They also have a sushi station that's rolled and made to order. This historic market sits down at "The Strip" in Pittsburgh, PA.

What happened:

So I placed my order and was teased about my Ravens face mask while walking in line lol and says welcome to Pittsburgh! The clerk then proceeded to take my order with "in training" next to his name tag. I asked for the "Wholey Moley" one pound cod on "Mancini" baked bread. Mancini's Bread Company which is a company that distributes all of Pittsburgh's fresh bread to food establishments and markets across the city. Their bread makes for both an amazing experience and authentic taste. I proceeded forward to pick up my stuffed sandwich and grabbed my condiments.

They have a station to hook everything up the way you like. Being from Baltimore, I of course added that "Old Bay" seasoning to my fish. I grab some hot sauce, ketchup and a bit of cocktail sauce on top then took my bite. The sandwich was crisped to perfection with a nice juiciness when you bite into the fish. I barely could finish, as this is not for the faint of heart, but it's definitely a staple here in "The Burgh". I was left full and ready to relax so you wont go hungry after stopping in this local gem. They also offer the regular size if you want something smaller. I just recommend you go all out!

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