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Cap'n Crunch French Toast Sandwich?

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Sunnyside Cafe 13 in Baltimore, MD

Featured: Famous Capt'n Crunch French Toast Sandwich

Owners: Chef Kris and Charles Miller

Located: 2110 E. Monument St.

1. Capt'n Crunch French toast sandwich between eggs and bacon!

2. Sunnyside shrimp and grits: Creamy Cheese blend homestyle grits with cajun style jumbo shrimp, apple wood bacon bites and fresh scallions!

3. Banana Crunch French Toast and Crispy Fried Chicken Tenders!


Famous Fruit Tea: Mixed fruit and cucumbers with punch and ice.

Thoughts: Hidden gems are a thing of beauty and in Baltimore home is where the food is. There's so much "charm" in my city that breakfast shouldn't be any different. Today I had the privilege of showcasing my favorite place for breakfast and supporting a friend of mine in the process. Baltimore is a city that represents food, culture, creativity and above all else, hope. So, it is no surprise that inside "SS Café," you will experience that local feel and a huge taste of the city.

Overall: Everything is delicious and made to order. Hit and amazing and made with

lots of creativity and love. The way food was intended. So, bring your family and friends because you will have plenty to go around. I highly recommend and tell them i sent you. The Cap'n crunch french toast is an obvious favorite of mine. It has a light but flavorful crunch and isn't to sweet but has a nice crunch berry taste, plus it bolds well with their syrup. Some like to dip (which i usually do) But this is one if those times that i can just pour and dig-in! The sandwich is definitely filling and could feed two. Eggs and choice of meat is included, so bring your eating pants and pillow. Don't try to be a hero your first time, you will be challenged. Shrimp and Grits has a savory taste, definitely a perfectly seasoned dish with nice jumbo shrimp and a cajun kick, which I enjoy in a lot of my dishes.

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