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Coffee Cake with Buttermilk Caramel Sauce Anyone?

What I ordered:

My freshly squeezed Orange Juice (sit at the juice bar) recommended

1. Coffee cake with a buttermilk caramel sauce (God bless America) this is a slice of heaven.

Everything here was hot and extremely tasty. The aroma is unbelievable and service is quick and on point. The coffee cake is literally to die for. Whether you start with it or to take home to end. It's a local favorite and after today, it's mine as well lol They are not to sweet and have a nice warm center with that real cinnamon flavor. The gooey top is all you need and the caramel sauce amplifies that gooey taste to another level. I recommend using there buttermilk caramel sauce for that true "Home Grown" experience or the "buttermilk" cream cheese which makes it taste just like a yummy cinnamon roll.

2. Buttermilk Pancakes with house-made and syrup and 316 honey:

The buttermilk pancakes were absolutely fluffy, buttery and was delicious. The real butter and house-made syrup are just an added edition to what makes this selection a must try. You can get them with meat and delicious eggs, plenty of options and interesting flavors. Make sure you ask for the seasonal flavors that are offered, you can thank me later. Every bite here reminds you of what local gems are all about and as a fan of pancakes this place definitely takes the cake.

3. Baked Oatmeal with berries and pecans/ milk on the side:

My oatmeal was nothing short or simple but unique. The "fresh" blueberry and strawberries was a great addition along with a soft crunch of pecan which reminded me of granola a bit. The ingredients makes this bowl blend great. I loved that this is made in house and that they offer "natural" wholesome meals that help you start your day. Comes out hot and and wonderfully put together. Another well presented entrée.

4. Baked Pumpkin Pop-tarts:

The Pop-tarts here include a soft but flaky pastry in the middle and a nice crisped edge.

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