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Trying the Famous Pittsburger!

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh, PA

Primanti Brothers has been a staple to Pittsburgh for it's combination of fries and coleslaw on all of its sandwiches. It's a 100 year old, vintage style restaurant and bar with the kitchen wide open. The aroma drove me crazy while sitting and waiting for mine to arrive. Although a favorite and highly recommended foodie joint some locals will tell you " It's either you hate or love it. Either way, you can be sure that this guy was in the building. So what is The Pitts-burger? Well this mammoth of a sandwich includes a beef patty, tomatoes, lettuce, hand cut seasoned fries and coleslaw, all on sliced french bread that's served with hot sauce, ketchup and grey poupon on the side. This is so you can dress it up in a way that you prefer.

My thoughts of this staple?

I loved it! It was my type of a sandwich. Listen, it's a beef patty with lettuce, tomato, hand-cut seasoned fries (I really loved) with a nice outside crispness, a nice vinegar-based coleslaw with a tanginess and crunch. I added Red Devil cayenne hot sauce and a "spliz-ash!" of "Heinz" ketchup. Now, I loved that it's cut in half but the my first thoughts were "Where do I start off with this thing? It's enough to feed a truck driver two times over. It's one if the most requested sandwiches and with all the sweet, spice and tanginess coming together, I'd have to agree. The service is to die for and tables were spotless and cleaned religiously. So make your visit to "The Strip" (original location) and check out Primanti Bros. or any of their many locations in Pittsburgh. All foodies are welcomed!

Side note: It may get messy but that bread will stay together for dear life lol

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