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St. Louis smackin' some Barbecue at Pappy's

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Here's what I ordered:

Meats: Loin back ribs, brisket, turkey and burnt ends! All darn good smoked and well flavored portions of tender rubbed meat!

Sides: Baked beans, sweet potato fries with brown sugar and fried corn on the cob. These are not throw away sides. Each part of your meal is carefully done to leave an impression and I must say, Pappy's does not disappoint and holds true to it's legendary name.

Thoughts: The loin back ribs were delicious and tender with that Memphis style rub and a great smoke flavor and sauce to pair for dipping. The burnt ends were my favorite besides the ribs, these were a wonderful surprise. It definitely was better than some of the burnt ends I've had in KC. The turkey was also a nice favorite and brisket was good also , just need a favorite especially with my bias to ribs. The sides were all delicious as well, you will not be disappointed with almost anything you order here.

I highly recommend!

Pappy's Smokehouse


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