Munchies719 in Colorado Springs (food truck)

Mexican Hot Chocolate Waffles? 🤔

Only at munchies719 in Colorado Springs 🔥

Owner: Chuck Thomas

What I Ordered:

1. Asian Persuasion Tacos: Slow braised ginger and soy sauce Shredded Beef with pickled ginger & carrots, green onions, garlic confit, jalapenos, siracha, sesame seeds & lime wedges.

2. Thyme 4 Chicken N Waffles: Hand battered fried chicken on a fresh tyme & cheddar waffle covered in a savory house gravy with green onions to granish.

3. Fried Mexican Hot Chocolate Waffle: A fresh hot Belgian waffle deep fried dusted in cinnamon sugar topped with ice cream, dark chocolate wafers, whipped cream and caramel sauce. Funnel Cake-ish!

Thoughts: I enjoyed each dish as much as the next. The tacos included fresh ingredients that gave you a "bang" of flavor and juiciness from the beef that was phenomenal and very well seasoned. The chicken and waffles included a delicious savory gravy with hot juicy tenders on a super fluffy waffle that is definitely it's own dish.

These two dishes really set themselves apart. Dessert included a deep fried waffle, that tasted like a hot chocolate funnel cake, but with real chocolate and fresh cocoa. Sweets at Munchies719 will make your heart melt. Bring an appetite is all I can say. The trucks name means what it says. I highly recommend!

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