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Authentic Peruvian Stir Fry

Owner: Chef Jorge (hor-hey

Name origin: Mayta (my-ta) comes from the Incas of Peru named "Mayta Capac"

What I ordered: Lomo Saltado

"Lomo Saltado" is my favorite Peruvian dish. This stir-fry type meal combines delicious tender and juicy sirloin steak strips with tomatoes, onion, french fries and other ingredients; it is usually served with rice on the side depending on the chef. It has unique flavors and textures as well as an incredible blend of ingredients that all make this plate sing. The freshness of the vegetables used along with the tender sirloin is definitely makes this place a great visit and well worth the drive from Baltimore. I highly recommend giving this place a visit. You'll enjoy a homey feel and wonderful music to give you a true Peruvian experience.

I also ordered the chicken, steak and chorizo empanadas the ceviche and the highly recommended purple corn locally brewed Peruvian beer. These are all local favorites and were interesting to try. The ceviche is an acquired taste as it is made with raw fish and fresh citrus juices. I'm not a fan of raw anything but I tried it and it wasn't half bad. But as I said it's an acquired taste. The empanadas were good appetizers, I think the chicken was my favorite out of the three and the purple corn beer was very good. I'm not a beer drinker but I must say, this cold one goes down smooth, and has a unique taste that paired well with my entrée. This place gives you something to be excited about. Overall I was impressed and really enjoy the family feel that comes with Mayta's, it's incredible.

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