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Eating Incredible Jerk Chicken!

Owner: Althea Hanson

Story: Inspired by her late grandmother uses love to share ingredients and great food that she experienced as a child. Her grandmother "Nettie Green" would teach Althea about good food, special ingredients and loving people, while selling her special sauces at Jamaican Markets. Those memories and values have been instilled in Althea as she continues the legacy of sharing those delicious ingredients with people all over. I'm thankful I had an opportunity to be apart of this journey and excited to see what is to come. You should be too.

What I ordered: Some good ole "Jerk Chicken" and "Red Snapper" at Althea's Almost Famous was straight fire! Also tried "eggplant" with spices, beef patties and organic veggie juice (hand pressed)

The sauce comes hot and spicy or mild depending on your preference and are equally amazing! They are available to order "online" if you cannot get to the area.

Organic drinks: Try some of the "Hand Pressed" organic juices that are now available. They come in Alkaloe, Cucumber, Dragon fruit, Mango, Pineapple and Soursop. All include fresh organic and healthy fruit and veggies for your needs!

Thoughts: Well for starters the "Jerk Chicken" is marinated for hours and chargrilled by Omar (Althea's husband) to perfection. This local favorite also holds a bit of spiciness to it as it ends with a kick (just a fair warning). It's very juicy and tender, with that authentic taste of the Caribbean that fills you with satisfaction. I love the jerk sauce which gives it an extra boost of flavor and heat that reminds you why the jerk is such a "hot" item. The steamed "Red Snapper" was amazing, it has a smooth and tender texture, and gives off a bold flavor which I enjoyed and were the highlights for me. Add some rum cake for dessert and it will definitely fulfill your appetite.


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